09 Dec 2021
18:00  - 19:30

Allgemeine Lesegesellschaft, Münsterplatz 8, Basel



CANCELLED: Peacebuilders or traitors? Challenges of Israeli-Palestinian dialogue initiatives

A conversation with Kochav Shachar and Ahmed El Helou, activists of the Israeli-Palestinian movement Combatants for Peace, and Oliver Fink, researcher at the Universities of Basel and Bern. Moderated by Laurent Goetschel, swisspeace's director.

Israelis and Palestinians engaging in a dialogue in the Middle East are often accused of playing the enemy’s game. While a vast majority of Palestinians are outraged by what they see as the “normalization” of the Israeli occupation, in Israel, “peaceniks” are denounced for their friendly relations with alleged “terrorists”. How can local peace activists navigate in this explosive context? What does it take personally and humanly to “cross the border” despite public criticism? What strategies and messages do the activists of Combatants for Peace as a “binational” peace movement develop to reach the skeptical crowds? In the Middle East, the saying “Peace requires courage” refers to a personal and collective experience of conflict transformation on a daily basis.

Registration by 2 December by email to inaautrasenda.cfp@cluttergmail.com. A valid COVID certificate is required to attend the event.

Swisspeace and Ina autra senda – Swiss Friends of Combatants for Peace

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